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How big is your garden?

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If you are choosing any of our Styrofoam swimming pools, you just have one question to ask yourself: how big is the garden? And that is because these types of inground swimming pools can have any shape and size desired by our customers.

As far as any type of swimming pools are concerned (both inground and above, both inside and outside swimming pools), the Styrofoam technology is the best that can be found on the market. Thus, for building the pool, besides the Styrofoam (which are, basically, expanded polystyrene balls), there are needed smooth concrete slabs, steel reinforcements, as well as geotextile layers.

The Styrofoam technique makes the building of the pool much easier than otherwise. In this way, the installing of the purifiers, skimmer, admission nozzle, and all the other improvements becomes much easier. The geotextile layer doesn’t just reinforce the Styrofoam swimming pools. It also provides insulation.

Thus, absorbing the heat, it further protects the swimming pool from deterioration. They don’t just keep the water at a desired temperature, but they also reduce the stress on the other materials as well – the transfer of heat between night and day is at a minimum when these materials are used.

Furthermore, if shutters are installed, this transfer becomes literally insignificant, prolonging even more the life of the materials used.

As said, these types of swimming pools are pretty easy to install, even if they aren’t designed with a certain shape and size by the customer. However, only a professional should do it – only he knows how to insert the gutter, counter installations, nozzles, and so on. So, just to keep it safe, you should let the professionals do it.

Are you looking for swimming pools for sale in UK?

If you call us now, we will offer you a discount not just on the basic product, the swimming pool itself. We will also offer discounts to extra features, such as the dehumidifier. The dehumidifier is the system which regulates the heat exchange and the humidity of the air, in the cases of the indoor swimming pools. Another modern extra-features for our Styrofoam swimming pools, which can be purchased with a discount, is the touchscreen display, which controls all the functions of the swimming pull.

Thus, with a single push of the button, you can increase or decrease the temperature of the water, you can close or open the shutters, you can empty or fill the pool, and so on. Furthermore, if you call now, you can even have your own remote control for all of the features.

Of course, much like any other types of inground swimming pools, the Styrofoam ones are also pretty high maintenance. However, thanks to the ever-evolving technology, you can rest assured – call us now and receive further discounts for the cleaning robots.

So how much space do you have? Once you will answer this question you will know what kind of swimming pool you want to have. So what if this is the cold season? Make your purchase now and enjoy the sun from the first day the summer has arrived.

Call now and purchase any of our Styrofoam swimming pools models or come up with your own. This will be an investment which will pay off as soon as the first day of the warm season has arrived.

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