how to install the bathtub

How to install a bathtub?

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Installation instructions for bathtub

You decided to change your bathtub, you bought it and want to mount one? Nothing easier. Let’s see the steps to install a bathtub.

For starters you will need to make a list of necessary materials and tools that use them when installing the bathtub.

Tools required for installation of the bathtub:

– Toothed saw blade for brick;

– Bucket for material;

– Pencil or marker;

– Roulette;

– Level or spirit level;

– Trowel;

– Chisel or screwdriver wider;

Materials needed for mounting the bathtub:

– Drainage pipe;

– Adhesive material for brick;

– Sanitary silicone transparent;

– Bath tub;

– Tile cladding material;

Usually comes with tub drain pipes, gaskets and screws reason when you go to the store make sure you have all the connections required for to install a bathtub

1. Positioning leakage, overflow and bathtub.

After you bring fall indoors and you managed to get her in the bath tub and you have to position to fit the tub drain and overflow. It is very important to position the overflow well as it prevents flooding of the tub when the water reaches the maximum level. Also must be firmly tub, specifically the bathtub feet.

2. Positioning the bathtub.

Effective positioning the bathtub will be done very carefully. Use the spirit level or spirit level to make sure that you stay perfectly straight fall. If the tub is not properly fitted can be surprised that the water flow through the outside of the tub. If the tub is placed perfectly straight legs can adjust the height with screws.

3. Strengthening foot tub.

After all it positions you can start to fix the tub with cement feet.

4. Positioning pipes.

After drying cement you can begin to connect the sewage pipe leak in the bathroom tub drain. Make sure the connections to be made good. It is recommended that you do some samples before to make sure that the water does not flow to the joints.

5. The walls of the tub.

After everything is ready to build the wall must fall. Usually tub is mounted on the corner, so you have to build one, maximum two walls. You can do the tub wall of breeze blocks or bricks. Make sure to leave space in the right pipe for the manhole to intervene rapidly in the event of damage to the drainpipe or tub trap.

6. Finishing
After you have done and you have to overlay the bathtub wall with tiles. Use by tile to cover the newly constructed wall. It is good to come tiles just below the lip of the tub, so you must be aware that the wall does not exceed the bathtub rim, more to be inside to take place and thickness of tiles.

It is recommended that after the tub is installed is not used at least 48 hours to allow time to dry the material used in masonry.

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